Family Life & Youth

Connecting Families and Youth to Christ

We have many great upcoming Spring, Get-outside events coming up… Here is one date to save: 

  • April 24th Tubing at Rainbow River; Middle and High School Youth Event… leaving Saturday early morning, must RSVP to ensure tubes are available… date subject to change based on weather… stay tuned for more details 

Also, if you have a senior graduating 8th Grade, High School OR College this year… please let Kori Hamilton know as we are planning something special this year for them!! 813-707-4031

A note on FLY:  What is FLY? Great question!! It stands for Family Life & Youth; but I’d like to let everyone know that as a member of our ILCS Church family, that means YOU! So, hopefully in the coming year, you’ll each take the opportunity to join us, as we’d love to have you!